What People Say about Working with Ulf Tölle MPH

At only 19 years of age I have had excruciating neck and jaw tightness and pain for as long as I can remember (problem since I was 12 years old) before coming to Ulf Tölle.

I had sought out many different practices that I thought would help minimise the pain but nothing had worked. I was feeling extremely disheartened and started to believe that nothing could make it better.

Ulf worked with me in an extremely professional way, [… he] made me feel instantly comfortable and relaxed. Ulf definitely knows his stuff and was genuinely committed to supporting me in feeling better. He gave me a deep understanding of what specifically I need to do to better support my body in healing and gave me tools and techniques that have worked brilliantly. I have now been pain free for 3 weeks.

No words can even begin to explain how grateful I am to Ulf Tölle and the Alexander Technique for supporting me to get rid of this pain for good. I can’t remember the last time I felt this amazing, I would encourage anyone and everyone to go to Ulf as he is brilliant. Thank you, thank you and thank you!

Katie Pitsis, 19 years old, Australia

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ドイツで出会った、ホルンそしてアレクサンダー・テクニークの師匠 Ulf Tölle 先生とのレッスンを振り返ります。

“The Poise of the Head is the key to freedom and change”




Met in Germany, the horn and the Alexander Technique Master Teacher Ulf Tölle and a flashback to the lesson.

“The Poise of the Head is the key to freedom and change”

The teacher I became friends with a […] man, […] memories, left me with a deep impression.


Basil Kritzer, French Hornist & Alexander–Technique Teacher, Japan

The Alexander–Technique made all the difference to me. There are many techniques out there that claim to reeducate patterns of movement without integrating the mental processes and cognition in this reeducation. The principles of the Alexander-Technique are founded in modern neurophysiology and support a systemic understanding of the organism, that does not separate mind and body.

Silvana M. Azevedo, Physiotherapist, Brazil

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Michelle Shanson

I couldn’t really tell if there was any difference at all during the session. Two weeks later I realised that I hadn’t had any tension in the back of my neck at all! It was amazing! Even though at the time I didn’t notice the difference, the proof was in the results!

The tension I used to feel in the back of my neck & shoulders was quite painful, and only by having massages by professionals was it ever resolved. Now, although I do get it occassionally, its about 10% of what it used to be, and that’s a year afterwards!

Claire Boyles,
Business Coach & HR Consultant

The Workshop that The Motion Master® gave for our orchestra was excellent. It generated immediate results. Already the second day the orchestra sounded more colourful. It was obvious, that the musicians played with less physical effort and – even some of them perhaps not noticing the former– they achieved a better intonation and in terms of musicianship a greater homogeneity. Without any doubt it was worth the investment.

Tiago Flores,
Artistic Director, Orquestra Sinfônica de Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

In the attachment you’ll find the outstanding evaluation of your course. After another reminder all participants answered. I am going to talk about this success as well with our Mr. Kugler of our CPD department.

You are able to get the attention of a group and maintain it over a length of time…

Thomas Pier,
Company Medical Officer, NDR Hamburg, Germany

“I just wanted to say that after yesterday morning’s lesson I found the walk to the bus with my suitcase remarkably easy and comfortable.”

Anne Margaret Okole,
freelance editor