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On this page Motion Mastery informs about the social projects Ulf is engaging in.

He continues his commitment with Conservatório Pablo Komlós in Porto Alegre and started to engage with the Unstoppable Foundation

Recently he agreed to help another worthy cause – a couple in Stuttgart where the husband suffered a severe stroke.

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Saturday, 19th September 2015 Motion Mastery will run a Workshop in Stuttgart-Korntal in Jens Fuhr’s Studio in favour of a worthy cause (

The Pianist Jens Fuhr and me know Christa Benz since the 1990s and as life went on, her husband Marcus Kuhn suffered a severe stroke that hit his brain stem. Since then he is conscious but unable to move any part of the body. Christa does an amazing work and with her support Marcus exceeded all medical prognosis.  We both want to support Christa to keep going, but the time is taking its toll as much on their financial means to pay for the medical expenses as on Christa’s force.

We would love to see you support Christa Benz and Marcus Kuhn too. You are equally welcome to join us for the workshop I am going to offer in Stuttgart Korntal in Jens Fuhr’s Studio. The flyer for it you can find here.

We kindly request you donate according to your means.
Donation: Account Christa Benz – Stuttgart, Germany; Baden-Württembergische Bank – Stuttgart, Germany; IBAN DE85600501010003298369  BIC SOLADEST600
There is no upper liimit, there is no lower limit, but as a lower limit for participating in the workshop, we suggest 65 Euros   ( 1/3 of a normal course fee) ;  we kindly ask for your understanding.

Places in the Workshop are strictly limited to 16 active participants.

A huge part of our quality of life has to do with our ability to move well. Introducing you to the concept(s) and participating actively in the workshop will lead to the personal experiences that provide you with the understanding how to access more vitality in your day-to-day life. You will know and understand more deeply, how to interfere less with your movement quality and cosequently improve your overall quality of Iife and feel vital again.

Ações positivas prá Conservatório Pablo Komlós, Porto Alegre RS, Brazil.

More information can be found below. This text was orginally published in Portuguese and written for the press office at OSPA  (setor imprensa, )


 In October 2013 Nisiane Franklin , Director of  Escola da OSPA – OSPA’s  Conservatory  asked me to write about the donation and why contributing it here in Porto Alegre.

«For almost 16 years now I feel a strong bond with Brazil, specifically with Porto Alegre,  where I was kindly received by AFFOSPA and the OSPA in 1997. In 1999 Maestro Tiago Flores, at the time the artistic director, asked me to give a course with the intention to improve the health of the musicians of the orchestra.

After this experience I quite successfully ran courses for other orchestras in Europe, e.g. the NDR Symphony Orchestra in Hamburg, Germany, the Radio Orchestra of Vienna, Austria and others. As you can see I have reasons to be grateful to those who trusted in me and my professional capacity at the time.

It was in this period that I came up with the idea to give back some of what I had received in Porto Alegre. Nowhere else but here in Brazil, where people drink chimarrão (mate). I did not know where to seek guidance to make this happen.  I talked to several people and they all thought it was a great and important idea to contribute, but they just did not know how to advise me on getting it done sustainably.

A few years ago I met Israel Oliveira and along the years we became friends. I like him as  professional musician (we’re both french hornists)  but I also got to like him as a human being. I think his story is simply admirable:  his life story and  how he managed to become a musician at OSPA…

Never before  (and never since) have I met someone with such an unvincible attitude,  with such an irrepressible drive and diligence to become successful in what he sets out to do. No mater what happens he only and simply adjusts the course of his actions to execute what he puts his mind upon. For me this experience was and still is breathtaking!

When he told me how he built his way out of the favela I was amazed and thrilled: I was meeting someone who really knew what he was talking about when he spoke about favela and also when he spoke about positive actions {social projects).

Of course did I ask Israel to advise me or even better , I requested him to work with me on small projects that he considers a reasonable step forward in my personal goal to pay back to the Community in Porto Alegre.

We had already started to plan and were ready to commence our little project when he asked me to re-direct our efforts to support Escola da OSPA. He explained to me that the school was really in alignment with our goals. By supporting the Escola da OSPA / OSPA’s Conservatory  who offers classes for all the talented people of Rio Grande do Sul including students in situations of social vulnerability, we would reach out to the people I wanted to reach out to,  we only would tackle that goal from a different angle.

Because OSPA’s Conservatory is currently existing on a very tight budget, and because of the fact that the whole budget is directed towards hiring teachers and to put it back into functioning, it still has neither funds to maintain the musical instruments nor can it perform urgent repairs at its headquarters nor paint their rooms or put soundproofing in order to teach the classes!

Israel then asked me to contact the director of OSPA’s Conservatory, Nisiane Franklin, to figure out a way how we could make the transfer happen. The first time round it was a bit time consuming but in the end I could send around a thousand BRL to Escola da OSPA

This was the first donation – and will not be the last –  I love to invite more friends to donate because acquisition and maintenance of instruments and supporting the  infrastructure is essential for the functioning of this important South Brazilian entity

Ulf Tölle MPH
The Motion Master®