Presenting Ulf Tolle MPH

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Quality of life literally means quality of motion, quality of movement. All too often we have much more of it available but we just don’t tap it. This is hard to believe, but becomes evident, when we start missing our innate freedom and ease of motion, e.g. when we suffer from repetitive strain injuries (RSI), or our backs or necks are calling for our immediate attention as we cannot but move awkwardly. By far too many people are having complaints, ailments or even medical symptoms which are partially or solely caused or multiplied by the manner they move, i.e. how they organize themselves in movement. A medical expression for this effect, that we can create difficulties  for ourselves does not even exist yet! Possibly this phenomenon of home-made problems one day may be called propriogenic or autogenic.

Our next guest is the Movement Health Coach and Coordination Specialist Ulf Tolle MPH. In his 30+ years as a Movement Health Coach and Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Specialist he has worked with thousands of people from all over the world. “Making Movement Matter” is his mission because he wants to impact movement quality in large scale by empowering every person to determine her very own quality of life.

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