I want to explore working with Ulf !

If you are ready to act, the first step is to let me and us know more about yourself and your current situation by filling out an application for a no-cost Vitality Discovery Assessment.

If appropriate, and it feels like you are one of my Ideal Clients, then we may talk with you about what it could look like to work directly with Ulf.  If we are not a match you will walk away with a keen awareness about your next steps either on your own or where you could turn to for further help, in order to address the situation adequately to reach your goals.

It is not free coaching.  The meeting is a health and vitality assessment to determine exactly what is standing in the way between where you are now and the impact you want to have, where you need to be in terms of vitality and health. It’s also about the strategy or the lack thereof when you do not have the knowledge to think things through clearly.

How do I know if I’m ready to work with Ulf?

  1. You don’t want to settle for anything less than bursting with vitality.
    You just  don’t know exactly how to get there or how to keep the momentum going.
  2. You are conscious about the lack of strategy in the area of mastering your everyday life gracefully .
  3. You have an investing-in-yourself mindset.  This means you believe in your mission enough to invest in it, above and beyond what you already know, your skill and training (i.e. certifications or degrees), especially in health building understanding  and you already have sense that mastering this will give you the buzz.
  4. You have a vital goal for this year and you are determined, like never before, to reach it.

You are likely NOT ready if:

  • You haven’t ever consulted with your primary health care provider.
  • You have consulted with your primary health care provider and are satisfied with the the given advice and where you currently are.
  • You are willing to change – but please, not too much of a change, and it should not demand any time and energy commitment of you.
  • Change, profound change doesn’t feel urgent to you. You are okay taking a couple more years to flush it out or prefer to try figure things out on your own.

Okay, so how do I apply for a Vitality Discovery Assessment?

  1. Click here to fill out the interview / survey.
  2. If there seems, at least initially, to be a good potential fit, a member of the team will contact you to set up a call with Ulf or another Motion Mastery Coach to discuss your goals in greater detail and determine if or how Working with us can help you.
  3. If there is a mutual match, you’ll hear more about what it might look like to work with Ulf.  (Note: We will not “try to sell you something” as that is not how we work.  If you are worried about that, then you may not be a match for an assessement.)
  4. If we are not a match you will at least walk away knowing exactly how your current way of handling your habits and health  is holding you back and what step to take next.




General Contact Info

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