Are you tired of feeling those aches and pains
when doing the things you love to do?

Are you a performer
tired of underperforming under pressure?

Are you a musician wishing
your instrument sounded as good as you imagine?

Are you ready to claim your independence and
vitality for the rest of your life?


The human body is designed to move. And it should move naturally and smoothly. Therefore, you should not put up with pain, discomfort or awkward movement any longer – learn how to become a motion master and move your body the way it wants to move.

Hello and welcome! My name is Ulf Tölle, I’m a health scientist and I am passionate about helping good people with an open mind who are ready and want to take responsibility for themselves to move through life with freedom and ease, and who want to create healthy everyday life habits.

If  you are missing these qualities in your life, then Motion Mastery is the place where you can reboot your system. Here you can boost your energy, increase your stress resilience, as well as your happiness and explore new possibilities for your life. Motion Mastery is the place where I use a scientifically proven method that not only transforms your body but also works at a cognitive level to o overcome and rewrite the bad postural and movement habits that have created problems in your life – effectively healing your body from the inside out.

Clients who have been in my programs experience benefits like

  • an awareness of bodymechanics to become able to perform tasks in
    a way that is safe and just works.
  • an increased capacity to perform tasks efficiently and more quickly, leaving time for doing the things they love
  •  increased stamina so they have the energy they need to get through even the most challenging days
  • significantly improved overall quality of life
  • more movement choices and more degrees of freedom
  • increased stability to focus on important tasks so things are being done well

People who benefit the most from my programs:

  • are looking for an empowering approach to more health.
  • want musculo-skeletal troubles to stay away and
  • are willing to take action for that matter.
  • are adults between 20-60 with a positive outlook on life who
  • either live in Zurich or in London – or don’t mind to travel.
  • are free spirited, visionary people who have a mission to accomplish.
  • already know that health is their primary asset for accomplishing this mission.
  • want more freedom – be that physical or mental / artistic – and they want it NOW
  • want to shape their lives by employing new behavioral techniques.

If you are hesitant and have doubts whether this work could work for you let’s sit down together and let’s have a conversation – apply for your complimentary meeting to explore: “Is This For Me?” here

Ulf Tölle MPH
The Motion Master®Learn More about Ulf

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